Level 2 – 5 – Women’s Artistic Gymnastics

February 7th - 10th - New Market

The Barrie Kempettes Gymnastics Club had members attend the “2019 Level 2 – 5” competition that was hosted by Pulsars Gymnastics Club in New Market.

Level 2VaultBarsBeamFloorAll Around
Meliyah M. - Age 93rd4th2nd7th3rd
Kiera R. - Age 98th6th5th2nd8th
Kiera H. - Age 107th4th8th3rd5th
Victoria V. - Age 116th6th1st1st1st
Claudia G. - Age 111st4th3rd5th3rd
Katelyn H. - Age 114th5th2nd6th5th
Brooke W. - Age 118th3rd5th2nd6th
Kristen B. - Age 12 +3rd1st1st1st1st
Kyla E. - Age 12 +2nd6th4th7th7th

Level 3VaultBarsBeamFloorAll Around
Leah M. - Age 95th1st3rd4th3rd
Quinn F. - Age 106th6th4th3rd6th
Shiamaa W. - Age 10 7th8th8th9th9th
Myla T. - Age 111st2nd5th5th4th
Peyton L. - Age 115th6th7th3rd5th
Kalli W. - Age 121st3rd5th2nd1st
Moira C. - Age 122nd7th1st6th3rd
Mahi P. - Age 124th8th4th3rd4th
Erika C. - Age 131st1st3rd1st1st
Brooke T. - Age 135th6th2nd4th4th
Mackenzie R. - Age 134th4th6th2nd5th
Morgan S. Age 14+1st1st1st4th1st
Samantha N. - Age 14+7th8th2nd5th5th
Hilary R. - Age 14+3rd7th7th6th6th
Isabel Y. - Age 14 +9th9th9th7th9th

Level 4VaultBarsBeamFloor All Around
Dafna M. - Age 92nd2nd2nd1st1st
Ava R. - Age 91st1st1st5th2nd
Maelle G. - Age 94th5th5th2nd5th
Celia M. - Age 102nd4th1st3rd1st
Hailey L. - Age 113rd5th1st1st1st
Ohpelie T. - Age 115th1st5th4th2nd
Hayden E. - Age 1113th9th10th11th12th
Syenna S. - Age 121st2nd2nd1st1st
Caleigh R. - Age 133rd5th7th9th6th
Renee C. - Age 15 +5th4th2nd2nd1st
Hanna O. - Age 15 +4th3rd4th3rd3rd
Caitlyn S. - Age 15 +3rd2nd8th4th4th
Renee R. - Age 15 +8th8th5th5th8th

Level 5VaultBarsBeamFloorAll Around
Maddy M. - Age 14+1st1st3rd1st1st

Way to go KEMPETTES!


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