Spring Cup Invitational

Spring Cup - Burlington

May 3rd - 5th

Level 2
Athletes NameVaultBarsBeamFloorAll Around
Meliyah M. (Age 9)2nd1st2nd6th3rd
Kiera R. (Age 9)7th8th5th2nd6th
Kristen B. (Age 12)4th2nd14th1st3rd
Victoria V. (Age 11)2nd7th1st3rd3rd
Teresa M. (Age 9)7th10th1st1st8th
Keira H. (Age 10)5th4th7th9th9th
Katelyn H. (Age 11)4th4th2nd8th6th
Brooke W. (Age 11)5th10th4th6th7th
Kyla E. (Age 13)9th12th8th11th12th
Claudia G. (Age 11)3rd8th8th7th7th

Level 3

Athletes NameVaultBarsBeamFloorAll Around
Quinn F. (Age 10)7th1st1st1st1st
Myla T. (Age 11)9th1st1st3rd1st
Leah M. (Age 9)11th5th4th4th5th
Morgan S. (Age 13/14)5th5th4th2nd2nd
Peyton L. (Age 11)7th3rd
Kallie W. (Age 12)5th3rd6th3rd4th
Sam N. (Age 15+)5th6th3rd2nd3rd
Moira C. (Age 12)4th6th6th9th6th
Mahi P. (Age 12)3rd9th2nd5th5th
Mackenzie R. (Age 13/14)3rd10th6th6th8th
Brooke T. (Age 13/14)7th6th5th8th7th
Hilary R. (Age 15+)4th7th7th7th8th

Level 4

Athletes NameVaultBarsBeamFloorAll Around
Syenna S. (Age 12)1st2nd2nd1st1st
Dafna M. (Age 9)3rd1st1st1st1st
Hailey L. (Age 11)2nd8th1st3rd3rd
Caitlyn S. (Age 15+)1st1st1st4th1st
Celia M. (Age 10)4th4th4th2nd3rd
Ophelie T. (Age 11)7th3rd6th4th6th
Ava R. (Age 9)2nd6th2nd3rd3rd
Hanna O. (Age 15+)5th6th1st5th4th
Caleigh R. (Age 13)3rd7th4th8th8th
Erika C. (Age 13)10th8th4th4th9th
Hayden E. (Age 11)10th10th8th11th11th
Maelle G. (Age 9)7th7th6th4th7th

Level 5

Athletes NameVaultBarsBeamFloorAll Around
Maddy M. (Age 15+)2nd3rd4th5th3rd
Renee C. (Age 15+)6th7th6th4th7th
Renee R. (Age 15+)8th8th8th7th8th


  • "Great facility and amazing coaches! PS.The video on the main page is fantastic!..."


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    Betty & Claire

  • "Great Program ! Excellent Coaching !..."

    Amy Moss

  • "My daughter is 3 and has been going sin 18 months, she loves it and the coaches are great with little kids !!..."

    Kyle Mitchell

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  • "Our Daughter is IN LOVE with gymnastics at BKGC! Saturday is her favourite day of the week and she gets butterflies while we drive to Ilysha's Girls Rec 1 class! Thank you for helping install a lo..."

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