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  • "Great Program ! Excellent Coaching !"

    Amy Moss

  • "Coach Kera is like an older sister for my daughter Myla. Myla feels she is pushed hard and always in a positive and rewarding way. Myla love spending time at the club and is always asking for more time at the Barrie Kempettes! Keep up the good work! "

    Daniel T.

  • "My child goes to this gym and her coach is Lauren. She is awesome "


  • "my chided just joined recently and she loves it a lot "


  • "Cailee has really loved gymnastics and is always excited to go to class! We love the variety of equipment and viewing area. So happy be picked gymnastics over Dance classes! "

  • "My Daughter 3 yrs old is very shy and attached to me . Coach Tami is amazing at trying to engage my daughter so she plays with her instead of being by my side all the time. I love the care and attention that coach Tami has and would love for my daughter to be taught by her all the time! She is an amazing person and coach. Thank you so much for your great coaching. I love gymnastics and so does my daughter because of this positive experience. "

    Betty & Claire

  • "Great facility and amazing coaches! PS.The video on the main page is fantastic!"


  • "My daughter is 3 and has been going sin 18 months, she loves it and the coaches are great with little kids !!"

    Kyle Mitchell

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